DSN Pre WorkOut Reviews – How it Works

As one of the newest supplements to hit the market this year, DSN Pre Workout is already generating buzz as a top quality supplement with a professional following. Landing a coveted TopProducts spot with Inside Fitness and a favorable review from Muscle Insider,DSN Pre Workout promises to make an impression. You can also read the DSN Post Workout Review here.

While still new to the scene, it has already sponsored two professional athletes. Brandon Tovey, an 8-time world record holder, 10-time USA national record holder and 2-time powerlifting world champion was quick to get on board with this new pre-workout supplement, stating that “Dyna Storm Nutrition is perfect for increasing power and strength.” *Results vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain definition and weight loss.

Clay Upson is another DSN Sponsored pro athlete that saw the potential in DSN Pre Workout. As a 1st place trophy winner of the 2016 ABBA Winter Open bodybuilding competition, Clay cites DSN Pre Workout as his secret to keeping his winning physique. “I choose Dyna Storm Nutrition so I can deliver my A game at every competition. For me, it’s all about achieving the best results, and that’s why I take Dyna Storm Nutrition supplements.” *Results vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain definition and weightloss.

With a stellaringredient list that includes one of the most popular and well researchedmuscle builders, DSN Pre Workout is manufactured in the US with only top shelfingredients that go through rigorous testing before ever getting to market.With its already loyal following of professional athletes and commitment toproduct quality and science-based ingredients, DSN Pre Workout is onesupplement that is absolutely worth your time.*Results vary. Exercise andproper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain definition and weightloss.

DSN Pre Workout Side Effects

DSN includes no banned substances, and each batch is tested for ingredient composition and quality so you know you’re getting a high quality supplement every time. The main muscle builder in DSN Pre Workout is creatine. In some cases, creatine can cause nausea, diarrhea or stomach cramping, as well as cause water weight or minor weight gain in the beginning of a supplementation program. Niacin has been known to cause “Niacin flush”, or a tingly, flushing sensation in users who are sensitive to niacin supplementation. This sensation can include a mild tingling, itching or burning sensation in the arms, face or chest. It is a common and minor side effect that usually goes away within 1 – 2 hours. DSN Pre Workout also uses caffeine to help boost performance and focus. At 100mg, it’s roughly the same amount as an 8oz cup of coffee, but may cause jitteriness, increased heart rate, increased urination, nervousness and trouble sleeping in those who experience caffeine sensitivity. Those with impaired kidney function or stomach ulcers should use caution, and speak to their doctor before beginning any supplementation program.

DynaStorm Pre Workout Ingredients

DSN Pre Workout is made with only scientifically proven ingredients so you get the most out of your supplementation. Each ingredient was carefully chosen to make this supplement as efficient as possible:

Creatine Monohydrate: One of the most well researched and popular muscle building substances, creatine is a naturally occurring compound in the body and produces energy to support cell function and muscle energy.

L-Arginine: L-arginine is an amino acid that turns into nitric oxide in the body. As nitric oxide, it widens and opens blood cells, increasing blood flow and muscle hypertrophy while stimulating responses that can help regenerate muscle tissue after injury.

Caffeine: A well-known stimulant, caffeine is used as an ergogenic, or performance-enhancing aid that has effects on the central nervous system, generally causing temporary alertness and wakefulness.

Vitamin C: This is an essential vitamin for the maintenance of good health. A part of wound healing, creating collagen and a neurotransmitter, Vitamin C is also involved in protein synthesis.

Vitamin D3: An integral vitamin for building and maintaining strong bones. Vitamin D is a huge player in making calcium absorbable in the body.

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is an important part of red blood cell formulation, DNA synthesis and the maintenance of blood and nerve cells. This can be a difficult vitamin for vegetarians to get enough of, and deficiency can cause anemia and feelings of weakness and fatigue in sports.

Vitamin B6: Involved in over 100 enzyme reactions, the primary role of Vitamin B6 is in protein metabolism.

Folic Acid: Another B-vitamin (B9), folic acid is important for proper brain function and cell growth. It helps to produce red blood cells as well as works with other B-vitamins to regulate certain amino acids.

Niacin: Also known as vitamin B3, niacin helps to metabolize carbs, proteins and fats, and is essential for healthy cells.

Thiamin: This is another B vitamin responsible for converting carbs into glucose, or energy. It also helps to strengthen the immune system.

Calcium: Well known for its major role in the development and maintenance of strong bones, calcium is also responsible for maintaining proper muscle contractions and helping nerves deliver messages from the brain throughout the body.

Cayenne: Used in traditional medicinefor thousands of years, Cayenne is thought to boost the metabolism and reducehunger. It has also been seen to increase body temperature very slightly, whichcould potentially help to burn more calories.

DSN Pre Workout Customer Service

Customer service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week at 1-800-210-7831. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, our dedicated staff is always standing by to help. We take customer service seriously at Dyna Storm Nutrition, so you will never be passed off to an automated robot that can’t listen to your issues. Dedicated customer service agents will always take your calls so you can speak to a real person that will work with you to find the best solutions. Whatever the question, whatever the time, call us at 1-800-210-7831.

DSN Pre Workout Trial

Still not sure if you’re ready to commit? No problem! We’re so confident in our product that we are offering a 14day trial for just the cost of shipping so you can see if it’s right for you.If you don’t feel a difference in your workouts or feel like it’s just not your kind of supplement, simply call our 24 hour Customer Service number to cancel and send it back. To get your trial, click here and pay only S&H for a full size bottle to try for 14 days.

Where to Buy DSN Pre Workout

Currently, DSN Pre Workout is only available online. While we have several licensed online retailers, we recommend purchasing straight from the source. Click here to purchase your bottle of DSN PreWorkout from the official home page, or to sign up to get a 14 day trial bottle for just the cost of S&H, click here.

Advantages of Whey Protein v/s Advantages of Soy Protein

Whey is the watery part of milk that remains while making curds. Whey can be made by using different kinds of milk like cow milk, buffalo milk and other types of milk. The protein made by whey, which is a by-product of milk is called whey protein. Soybean is a legume that is predominantly used in East Asia and soy protein is the protein isolated from soybean. Dehulled and defatted soybeans are processed to make soy protein. There are many benefits of whey proteins and soy proteins and the following are some of the differences between the two:

Whey Protein

  • Whey protein is sold as dietary supplements used by many people for a variety of health benefits. Whey protein is a composition of globular proteins. Whey protein has casein protein and protein from the milk of the cow or buffalo, depending on which milk is used.
  • Other nutrients included in whey protein are Vitamin A, C, B-Complex, and Vitamin K, calcium, iron, niacin, thiamine, folate, folic acid, riboflavin, thiamine, Amino acids. Antioxidants are also provided by whey proteins as dietary supplements.
  • There are many health benefits of whey protein. It helps with weight loss as it reduces appetite and so reduces the intake of food. This protein helps maintain the right body weight and fights obesity in human beings.
  • Whey protein is used by bodybuilders as it helps build muscles and reduces the percentage of body fat in the body. Whey protein is a great muscle builder and helps reduce fatigue and become more active. Whey protein also helps build endurance and immunity.
  • Whey protein is said to help fight many diseases like cancers and is as an alternative medicine. Many people believe it fights many diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and a whole host of different diseases.

Soy Protein

  • Soy protein is available in the form of soy flour, concentrates, and isolates. This is a great choice for vegetarians and especially vegans who do not even eat dairy but can have soy milk products. Vegans and vegetarians especially need protein supplements as many protein rich foods are often not part of their diets.
  • The nutrients in soy protein include proteins, calcium, copper, iron, fats, folate, riboflavin, thiamine and essential amino acids.
  • Soy proteins help in lowering LDL Cholesterol, fights heart disease, helps boost energy, prevents different types of cancer, helps lose weight, helps in cell growth and regeneration and also makes the bones strong and healthy.

Comparison between Whey Protein and Soy Protein

Both whey protein and soy protein are used as dietary supplements and there is a constant comparison between the two and fitness experts often want to know which protein is better, whey protein or soy protein. The following is a comparison of various factors between whey protein and soy protein:

Dairy & Vegan – Dietary Restrictions

Whey Protein is made of animal products from the milk of cows, buffaloes and other cattle as whey is a byproduct while making curds from milk. Soybean protein is more favorable for people who live a more vegan lifestyle and have a vegan diet. Soybean protein does not use any animal products. Soy protein is not just better for people who are vegan but it is the only option between the two for people who are lactose intolerance and cannot have dairy in their diet.

Taste & Texture

Whey protein is much creamier than soy protein. It has a subtle taste whereas soy protein has a much more pronounced nuttier taste to it. Soy protein is made of legumes and is grainier than whey protein.

Type of Proteins

Both soy protein and whey protein are “complete” proteins as they have the concentration of all the main amino acids required for the body. The concentration of different protein components is different in whey protein and soy protein. Whey protein has a high concentrate of leucine, methionine, and lysine where as soy protein has higher concentrates of arginine and phenylalanine.

Shelf Life of Proteins

There is no major problem for each of these dietary supplements when it comes to shelf life. These proteins are often taken in the form of dietary supplements and so they are processed and preservatives are added to it. Whey protein and soy protein should not be taken after the expiration date as some flavor can be lost after that.


When it comes to dietary supplements, it is more of a personal preference and choice of the people using these products. Whichever of the two between whey protein and soy protein suits the needs and also suits the body without causing any side effects are the right choice. Sometimes if there are side effects of one type of protein like gas or stomach issues, it is advisable to try the alternative. Different people react to different proteins in a different way.

Whey protein and soy protein are both good for health in moderation. Any excessive use of these types of proteins results in side effects and health problems. There are advantages of using both these types of dietary supplements as regular food at times does not provide the nutrients necessary to the body and supplements are needed to make up for the lack of nutrients in the body. These are fast absorbing proteins which benefit the body and in comparison with each other, both have very distinct advantages to the human body.

As mentioned above both whey protein and soy protein help the body get essential nutrients. These dietary supplements have become increasingly popular among all age groups as living a healthy life and getting all essential nutrients in a diet is very important to the people of the 21st century. Whey protein supplements and soy protein supplements are easily available in the supermarket as they are popular with customers all over the world. A lean and fit body that has a strong immunity can fight various diseases. The comparison between whey protein and soy protein shows that both are good for health and offer different nutrients to help people have a more balanced diet.

How Does Whey Protein Help in Losing Fat

Exercise nowadays is the most important thing. Every person has a different type of body. Few people are strong, whereas others are thin. Few are muscular and on the other hand, few are lean. We need to understand our body type to make it fit and healthy. Diet plays an important role in fitness. A balanced diet with the balanced amount of protein supplement makes you look healthy.

Many people workout daily with a control diet with a good amount of protein supplement, so they could gain muscle mass. Similarly, people who are fat and want to lose weight, work opposite to reduce the unwanted fat they have deposited on their body.

So where the problem does lie? Is that the nutrition or the lack of knowledge of how to lose body’s extra unwanted fat? People do have various other questions on how to gain muscles, how to put themselves on diet, and what nutrition intake should be?

Here are few answers to the frequently asked questions. We already are aware of the term protein supplements. The protein supplements nowadays have become a part of regular diet. It not only gives you the benefit of intake of natural protein but also helps in losing body fat. There are many products in the market to lose weight and gain muscle mass. But nothing can match a protein supplement in this process.

The best protein in the market is the Whey protein. Whey is the liquid which gets deposited after the formation of curd in the milk. The water left after this process is used to make cheese or casein. This whey is used to make whey proteins. Whey protein is the mixture of protein isolated from whey.

Below are the three type of whey proteins:

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate
  2. Whey Protein Isolate
  3. Whey Protein Hydrolysate

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate:

Whey Protein Concentrate has about 30-90% protein with some content of lactose and fats. It consists of more nutrients and has comparatively less price then other whey’s in the market.

  1. Whey Protein Isolate:

Whey Protein Isolate is the filtered protein with fewer fats and lactose in it. It has more than 90% of Protein in it. It is mostly taken with water. It gets dissolved in water very easily and can be taken immediately after the gym.

  1. Whey Protein Hydrolysate:

Whey Protein Hydrolysate is the purest form of Whey Protein. It gets digested by the body very quickly as compared to Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate, which makes it more costly then the other whey’s in the market.

Whey Protein also has some quantity of branched-chain amino acids also known as BCAAs. It is a group of amino acid, which cannot be produced by the body. Some of these are valine, leucine, and isoleucine. This protein helps in increasing protein synthesis. People who follow the weight loss program break more muscles, thus consumption of whey protein helps them in giving the extra protein required by the body. Living healthy is must nowadays and whey protein helps in achieving these goals.

Best Whey Proteins To Buy In 2018 – Reviews & Rankings

The 5 Best Whey Proteins in India 2018 – Reviews & Rankings

Nowadays, people have started giving due preference and have got inclined towards fitness and wellbeing. Be it any sort of fitness goal; weight loss, fat loss, bodybuilding, and others, with this inclination towards fitness, a lot of brands and companies have also come up in the market. These brands and companies have come up with a wide range fitness and wellness products, which help you in accomplishing your goals in a swift and smooth manner.

In this extensive range of supplements and products, the products that outshine the others are the whey proteins, but finding the best one according to your goal might be a tricky task. Hence, we have enlisted the Best 5 Whey Proteins, which are best-suited to provide you with a lean physique and a healthy body. All the whey proteins that we are going to review down below have been infused with the essential BCAAs and glutamic acid to provide you with the cleanest form of protein.

So as to make your decision even smarter, at the end of this review, we have provided you with a Whey Protein Buyer’s Guide so that you may choose the best product to get the desired results as far as your body is concerned, but make sure that you aren’t solely dependent on the whey protein! (A Good Diet is a Must)


MuscleBlaze Zero Carb Iso-Zero 100% Whey Protein Isolate

For the people who are searching for a zero-carb protein supplement, the MuscleBlaze Iso Zero has been especially manufactured for you. This whey protein has been developed bearing in mind the definite requirements of an advanced gym fanatic, supplying the most superior fuel in to their body. Manufactured having Zero Fat, Zero Carbs, Zero Cholesterol, and Zero Lactose, this whey protein supplies 30 grams of Isolate protein every single 35g serving providing the consumer with clean as well as lean muscle development at a decent pace.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Provides 30 grams of clean protein in every 35g serving
  • Delivers around 86% of pure isolate protein for muscle gain
  • Helps in developing a lean body owing to zero carbs and sugars
  • Offers around 6.64g of naturally occurring BCAAs and glutamic acid
  • Free from any sort of fats, trans-fats, cholesterol, and carbohydrate

Sinew Nutrition Instantised Whey Protein Concentrate

Manufactured in the United States of America, this Sinew Nutrition Instantised Whey Protein Concentrate is an unflavored protein powder derived through copyrighted filtration procedure that concentrates intrinsic whey proteins in an extremely cleaned form. Sinew’s objective is to guarantee that our whey products function pretty well in as many definite uses as probable. To achieve this, they employ an innovative filtration mechanism that processes the whey in a gentle manner so as to avoid the protein arrangement from getting denatured.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Crafted out of top-class gluten-free American whey protein
  • Cleanest kind of protein and doesn’t contain any sweeteners
  • Offers 30 grams of pure protein per serving for good results
  • Marginally processed to upkeep the gentle nutrients of whey
  • Assists in building lean muscles by enhancing the body recovery

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate

All the people who want to promote muscle building with regular workout; this whey protein concentrate from AS-IT-IS Nutrition is one that you must opt for. This whey protein is going to help you in gaining those lean muscles like never before. This raw and natural protein powder is appropriate for those who prefer working out in an intense manner since it promotes the recovery and diminishes muscle loss. So as to ensure that the supplement comprises of maximum protein and essential nutrients, this whey protein has been processed pretty mildly.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • A top-quality Non-GMO and gluten-free whey protein concentrate
  • Provides the fitness enthusiasts with the flexibility to use it in many ways
  • Delivers near about 24g protein with 6.7g BCAAs in every single serving
  • Marginally processed to make sure the delicate nutrients are intact
  • Promotes muscle building by boosting the muscle recovery after workout

Grizzly Nutrition 100% Virgin Whey Protein

For all those who want to buy a whey protein comprising of all the essential amino acids, Grizzly Nutrition have come up with a wide range of why proteins provding you exactly the same. These whey proteins are pure and provide you with the purest and premium quality protein, experiencing several stages of testing at diverse levels so as to provide the very best. Owing to the long involvement in the industry and several Scientific-Athlete assessments & numerous patents, this brand pompously delivers the efficiency & effectiveness to their products.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Help you in developing lean muscle mass and optimum health
  • Delivers the effective fat loss that people aren’t able to achieve
  • Provides you with the cross flow micro-filtered non-acid treated whey
  • Free from banned constituents, artificial flavoring, and steroids
  • Offers far higher concentrations of BCAA and glutamine in comparison

Arms Nutrition Sniper Whey Protein with Multi-Vitamins

The latest Sniper Whey from Arms Nutrition has been manufactured with materials introduced from the USA, which makes it taste undeniably wonderful owing to the Chocolate Ice Cream essence. This whey protein provides you with 23.5 grams of whey protein, 5g glutamine, and 6.75g of BCAAs in every single scoop. Every single serving of the Arms Nutrition Sniper Whey Protein comprises of 40mg enzymes for supreme concentration of protein along with a 20mg mixture of as many as 30 Vitamins so as to keep you full of zip all throughout the course of the day.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Top-class whey protein with essential mineral from the USA
  • Provides you with 23.5 grams of protein with every single serving
  • Fortified with several enzymes so as to facilitate utmost absorption
  • Comprises of 20mg blend of above 30 essential vitamins per serving
  • The most unimpeachable protein powder supplement for beginners

Top 6 Side Effects of Fat Burners

Everything we see consumers or feel is partly good and partly bad and the same goes for the fat burners. To be on the safer side, we must be aware of the consequences that weight loss tricks like fat burners tags along. We all surely know all the possible outcomes of fat burners but we hardly look at the downside of the same.

Generally, these fat burners are available in the form of pills and are made with thermogenic substances that have the ability to increase the metabolic rate of the body. The increased metabolic rate makes the calories burnt at a faster rate.

The same principle is being used commercially available on which fat burners work. They usually target the belly fat area which is mostly the problematic area. The belts are known to raise the temperature near the belly area and due to increasing the metabolic rate near the belly area to burn fat.

Now let’s talk about the downside of using these fat burners.

Fat burners cause allergies

Yes, that allergy could be the side effect of fat burners. In most of the cases, certain ingredients of the fat burning pills may produce allergic reactions inside the body. One of the most common symptoms of side effects of fat burners is the Itching.

Fat burners pose heart risks

Yes, that’s true. Lately, it has been found that many elements of fat burning pills are unsafe to the heart. Actually, there have been fat burners that are detached from the market since of their knack to interfere with heart and create dangerous effects. One such fat burner is sibutramine- it exposed major heart indemnities that lead to heart strokes and heart attacks.

Fat burners have harmful ingredients

Fat burners are often set up to be poised of ingredients that really do not pass the health tests. This is for the reason that of the laxity of proper assessment.

Nevertheless, with time different fixings that had been major mechanisms of fat burners have come out as intimidations to health. For example, sibutramine, one mentioned above, lead to damaging heart issues.


Sleep is the most important aspect of your health and well-being. And, constant use of degraded fat burners causes hindrances in your sleep pattern which disturbs the whole body.  A pill like ephedrine or caffeine do aid people with fat issues but at the cost of the confrontational effects on the immune system, fatigue problems, consistency of cold, and likewise flu.


The role of the fat burners is not only about the loosing of weight, but then again also, they are great at alarming the stress hormones. A consumer with anxiety issues must never opt for fat burning pills as the state is projected to deteriorate. Similarly if you take the brightest of fat burning pills in high dosage, formerly the chances of you facing the opposing side effects might growth.

Elevated Blood Pressure

The overall purpose of fat burning pill is to boost the metabolism and appetite suppression. They heat up the body for extreme weight loss and therefore end up leading to high blood pressures and many at times even an improved heart rate. In the end, all this leads to a reduction in the blood circulation.

At the end, it’s on your hard work, and healthy eating that you will end up losing weight. It might take its own sweet time, but it is the strongest way you can attain your dream body type. Choose from natural fat burners like Green tea, grapefruit, pears, almonds, navy beans, or more. If need be you can select for fat burners by referring a dietitian.